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The dome adrenaline zone www.thedome.se

The largest extreme sports arena in Sweden.

Årsunda viking www.arsundaviking.se
The viking farm Årsjögård in Årsunda is a living history museum. Experience cultural history in an exciting, informative and living way.

Tom tits expiriment www.tomtit.se
Here are 600 different experiments to ensure your visit turns into a day that passes only to quickly. You can look, test, feel , ride, bounce and balance at your own speed and anyway you like.

Furuvik www.furuvik.se
One of Swedens biggest anymal and amusement park.

Alborgen www.alborgen.nu
At Alborgen you get to solve exciting challenges with a little adventure mixed in.

Go Cart www.hyrkarting.com
Het outdoor kartcircuit in Rörberg is ca. 805 meter lang en de breedte varieert van 9 tot  10 meter. (Ook geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 7 jaar)

Mackmyra www.mackmyra.com
The only Swedish distillery is at the beautful Mackmyra Bruk mill in Gästrikland.

Flying www.valbo-flygklubb.com

Swimming Pool Tropicana www.gavle.se/fjarranhojder
A family aquatic center with an adventure theme. Great for both young and old.

Leklandet Delfinen www.leklandetdelfinen.se
A fun playland for kids.



Gysinge bruk www.sandviken.se/gysinge
A beautiful, well preserved 17th century Wallon ironworks, surrounded by the mighty rapids of the Dalälven river.

Lövstabruk www.vallonbruken.nu/lovstabruk

Österbybruk www.osthammar.se/bostad/tatorter/osterbybruk
Walloonbruk in Uppland is a region of unique, historic, industrial sites.

Sala silvermine www.salasilvergruva.se
Sala Silvermine is one of the world’s best preserved mine settings.

Falun Coppermine www.falun.se/www/vem/besokare.nsf
The Falun mine was one of Swedens largest workingplaces during the 17th and 18th century. In these days the mine was also one of the world’s largest copper mines.



Sweden is divided into 289 municipalities. The municipality of Gävle is the 15th in size. Gävle has its roots back in 1446 and is the county town of Gävleborg. Gävle is well known throughout Sweden and even elsewhere in the world to varying degrees because of its giant straw-goat, electronics from Ericsson and its ice-hockey team Brynäs. Look for more information on the sites www.gavle.se/turism and www.gastrikland.com


Länsmuseet Gävleborg www.lansmuseetgavleborg.se
This county museum is famous for its fine colections of modern Swedish art. Over 300 pieces of art.

Sveriges railway museum www.jarnvagsmuseum.se
Here you can find a collection which covers 150 years of railway history

Sveriges prison museum www.fangelsemuseet.se
This echibition in the Castle jail is housed in the buildings original dungeons. Here can you see how criminals were tortured in public when corporal punishment was generally in use.

The city of Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest municipality. Best known for its 15th century university. The city offers visitors beautiful suroundings and a lively cultural scene. 

Gamla uppsala Museum www.raa.se/gamlauppsala
Gamla Uppsala is one of Scandinavia’s most remarkable sites of prehistoric remains, a place which has fasinated people troughout time.
Museum Gustavianum www.gustavianum.uu.se
This museum is housed in Uppsala University’s oldest preserved building with the Anatomical Theatre on the roof. Exhibited at the museum are the Augsburg Art Cabinet, discoveries from the viking period, the history of the University, mummies and much more.

One of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands one of Europe’s largest and best preserved mediaeval city centres, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned where the lake Mälaren opens up into the baltic sea. Stockholm offers a wealth of museums, theatres, sights, attractions and events.

Vasa Museum www.wasamuseet.se
The Vasa is the world’s only surviving 17th-century ship and is displayed in a purpose-built museum in Stockholm.
Stockholms slott www.royalcourt.se/dekungligaslotten
Take a day-trip trough Swedish history and visit ten royal palaces with art, architectures and interior design spanning four centuries.
Skansen www.skansen.se
Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world. Skansen is also a zoological park. It is located on the island of Djurgården, a royal park near the center of Stockholm.