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Sweden has an area of approximately 450,000 km2 and has 9,000,000 inhabitants. 85% of the population lives in the southern part of the country. The total length from north to south is 1574 km. The width varies from west to east for about 500 km. 54% of the country consists of forest, 9% consists of water, lakes and rivers, 8% agriculture and only 3% is cultivated. More than 75% of the land area of the country is still 'wilderness'. The coastline has a length of 7600 km.

Many people think that Sweden is cold and it almost always rains ... a big misunderstanding! Sweden has a mild climate thanks to the westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. Stockholm even has an average number of 250 hours of sunshine during the summer months compared with 180 hours in De Bilt in The Netherlands. Gästrikland has a continental climate. This means that winter is present with lots of snow and temperatures well below freezing but during summertime, temperatures can reach up to over 35 degrees! So, tropical days in Sweden are quite possible! Click on the following link for current weather reports : http://www.yr.no/sted/Sverige/Gävleborg/Hedesunda/

The prices of basic commodities are comparable to the rest of Europe. Gasoline is even cheaper. Also camping and restaurant prices are lower than in most European countries. However, the prices of tobacco and alcoholic beverages are slightly higher in Sweden. Even so, the price of a large beer or glass of wine in our restaurant and terrace is not higher than in any European city. The wonderful view on the Dalälven is free!