Övägen 68, 81895 Hedesunda, Zweden
T: 0046 (0)70 - 5443713
E: info@hedesundacamping.se

The campsite is situated 140 kilometres north of Stockholm and 45 kilometres south of Gävle. The island Ön is connected to the mainland on two sides by a bridge.

If you like to drive to Sweden there are a few options. You can take the ferry from Kiel in the north of Germany, to Göteborg. It departs Kiel every day at 7.30 pm, you spend the night in your cabin on the ferry and it will arrive the next day at 9.00 am in Göteborg. For information and bookings look at: www.stenaline.com From Göteborg you follow the signs to Karlstad. It is the road along the shores of lake Vänern. From Karlstad you take the road to Örebro and Västerås. Take the main road 56 Sala to Gävle, in the direction of Hedesunda. Then you follow the signs Camping and 'Sandnäsbadet'. Another option is, to board the ferry from Puttgarden (northern Germany), to Rödby (Denmark), this is a 45 minutes boat trip. You follow the road to Copenhagen where you can choose between the Öresundbridge to Malmö in Sweden or to drive to Helsingör and take the ferry across to Helsinborg in Sweden (about 30 minutes). From Helsingborg you take highway E4 to Stockholm. After you have reached Nörrköping follow road 56 to Köping and Västerås, a beautiful route. Take main road 56 from Sala to Gävle, and then turn off to Ön, in the direction of Hedesunda. Then you follow the signs Camping and 'Sandnäsbadet'.

From Stockholm or Arlanda international airport, a train departs for Gävle every hour. Travelling time is about 1 hour. Look for more information and bookings: www.swedenbooking.com

Gävle central station offers a bus connection to Hedesunda. For departure times check the information desk. Look for more information and bookings: www.swebusexpress.se/english/

There are daily flights to Stockholm Arlanda international airport. Check your travel agent for more information. You can contact the reception of Hedesunda Camping to book a transfer service from the airport directly to the campsite. Look for more information and bookings: www.skyways.se

Look on: www.bluedogferrytickets.co.uk/ferry_norway.htm for a ferry crossing from the UK to Norway.