Övägen 68, 81895 Hedesunda, Zweden
T: 0046 (0)291 - 44123
E: info@hedesundacamping.se

The Dalälven river connects different lakes and nature areas. It stretches from Norway all the way to the Botanic Gulf. The island of Ön is situated in the hart of the river Dalälven. It is a small island, connected to the mainland by a bridge on two sides. On this island Hedesunda Camping is situated. In the area you can enjoy fishing, canoeing, sailing, walking, cycling and horse riding. You’ll find also several golf courses in the area. For more information check www.visitsweden.com The bay along the campsite is called Hedesunda Fjärderna, a unique landscape, with hundreds of small islands, marshes and ancient woods. Birdlife is very extensive; you’ll find a large variety of Woodpeckers, Owls and Ospreys. This is also the habitat for wildlife such as, moose, deer, beaver, lynx and bear. Please check www.nedredalalven.se for more information. The waters of Dalälven are listed as one of the top ten fishing spots in Sweden; it hosts more than 30 species of fish. See www.top10fishing.se Hedesunda town is situated just a few kilometres away on the mainland, a neat little village with some old buildings and nice churches. All provisions are available here; there are a few shops, a medical centre, a supermarket, petrol station and a bank. Things to see are Skaparbyn, Hembydsgården, Hedesunda kyrka.