Activities 2023

During the peak season we work with a young group of activity leaders. There are paid and free activities. Our professional team has a free hand in organizing a fun and attractive weekly program. The choice of activities varies each week and depends on the weather conditions and the age of the children on the campsite. The weekly program can be found near the reception building on a separate billboard.  Fixed activities offered each week can be found at the bottom of this page. Examples of the spontaneous activities are: bumperball, crafts, soccer, raft building, viking trip, ghost tour, volleyball tournament, face painting, baking sandwiches and campfire for the older youth.

Rates regular activities 2023

child adult
Raft fishing Sek 75

Lasergame Sek 75

Fishing guide (Price is including material and max. 2 persons)
Sek 1.000
Nature tour Sek 225
Sek 375

Raft fishing

In this workshop you will learn how to fish in practice…one learns by doing! Our own experts will join you on the raft and teach you all about equipment, techniques and how to find the best fishing spots. No matter if you are a beginner or already know how to fish, everyone will be guided in the best possible way. (Please note! this activity is for children only).


Lasergame is an exciting game and is played in the middle of the forest. There are two teams competing against each other. Watch out for snipers and bombs!

Fishing guide

Join an experienced fisherman and learn the tricks of fishing in practice. This is a trip of about 4 hours. The price includes equipment, and a maximum of 2 people can join the boat. This activity is both for beginners and advanced fishermen. (For adults and youth, children can join only if they are old enough and accompanied by a parent).

Nature tour

By boat we will make a beautiful trip along all the beautiful spots the Dalälven river has to offer. Along the way we have a chance to see for example the beaver, osprey, or bald eagle. the trip takes about four hours.