Hedesunda Camping: fishing paradise.

Our camping ground is a special place for the fisherman. For several years now the co-owner Meindert Hamstra has been a fanatic fisherman and still is, especially vertical fishing for pike-perch has stolen his heart.

The fisherman speaks:

As a born and raised Frieslander I spent a lot of hours on the water. When I was young my father took me to the lake Lauwersmeer in Friesland (The Netherlands). Later we moved to Mijdrecht (also in Holland) where I met a group of fishing friends and almost every week we went after the pike-perch throughout the waters of The Netherlands. When we looked for a camping site my wish was always that we had good fishing waters close at hand. We were lucky that we stumbled on camping Hesesunda not only because the waters were packed with perch and pike, but also this camping has one of the best fishing waters of Sweden!

The fishing waters

The Dalälven is a beautiful river, which belongs to the top 10 best fishing waters of Sweden. It’s a paradise for fisherman and nature lovers. The river is 500km long, starts at the Norwegian border, flows through Sweden and pours in to the Gulf of Bothnia. The last 200 km of the river is called Nedre Dalälven. This river is different from the other rivers in Europe because of the changing water flow and beautiful lakes with several big and small islands. In these fabulous fishing waters we find almost 30 different kinds of fish including salmon, sea trout, trout, grayling, pike, pike-perch, perch, burbot and many sorts of whitefish. We have found lots of good spots on the vast water and will discover many, many more before we can say we know this water like the back of my hand. I, personally, would like to invite everyone who loves fishing to come and see for themselves.

Fishing from the campsite

Hedesunda Camping is situated on the beautiful, long stretched island named Ön which is surrounded by Hedesundafjärden and the Bromsöfjärden. [see map]. These fjärden belong to the Nedre Dalälven and cover more than 10.000 hectare of water! It’s a pleasure to fish here for any fisherman. You can throw your fishing line literally from our beach or pier or you can take out a fishing boat. We have detailed maps of the water from the area with given depths, obstacles and buoys. There are several fishing cabins where you can moor your boat, light a fire and grill some lunch.

Pike-perch (zander)

From my own experience I can say that the real pike-perch fisher has a lot of fun in this area. Around these flowing bits of river between the islands you can find beautiful embankments and slopes that are up to 17 meters deep. The local’s fish with trolling plugs or for anchor with different kinds of bait. The, in The Netherlands so popular, vertical fishing is very effective here, together with pike-perch you can catch a lot of perch and the hungry pike too of course. Fishing with underline is a requirement. Pike-perch is easy to catch during the ice-free period and every year there are catches that weigh 10 kilo or more.


It’s a paradise here for pike fishers. Around the countless islands and bays with big weed- and lily beds you can practically smell the pikes! It really does smell like pike! The pike season starts half April and ends in November. The chance of the biggest catch is in the spring and fall.  Especially the area around the campsite is known for its larger pikes, fish weighing 10 kilos are no exception here. Dragging with plugs is with the locals one of the most favourites way of fishing, but fishing with jerk baits is getting more and more popular. Besides the pike is easy to catch when hoisting with a big fat lure. The all-round lure fisherman will have a lot of fun because you can drag the plugs from site to site, when you move past the plant beds you pull your jerk bait up for a while and when you get to the top of a nice deep trench you let the lure slide down inside.

Fly fishing on trout and grayling

A true lust for the fanatic fly fisher is Gysinge, located 15 km upstream. Here you will find the water has a constant changing flow of wide and small calm and stormy waters, endless islands, and a beautiful branch. Trained as well as beginner fisherman can enjoy themselves. Right here you can find fishing cabins that are tucked away, here you can light a fire and grill your lunch.

Salmon and sea trout

If we go for about 30 km downstream, we come to Älvkarleby, where you can catch salmon and sea trout. This area is extremely suitable for fishing with a fly rod. You can fish from the shore or from the boat. About 850 salmon are caught here each year.

The average weight of the salmon is 9 kilo and every year some people even catch salmon weighing more than 20 kilos. In Älvkarleby the Swedish record was broken when salmon fishing on flowing water, the fish that was caught weighed 27,97 kilo. The salmon start swimming here at the beginning of May, but the real salmon fishing season is from June till the end of July.

Also, the sea trout is very popular in this same area. Almost every year fishermen catch around 4.000 sea trout with their rods and the record stands at 13,1 kilo. The best season for sea trout fishing is from January till April and from September till October.

For both Gysinge and Älvkarleby one needs special fishing licenses, they can be bought on the spot.

Accommodation and other information

You can spend your fishing vacation in several ways with us. We have camping sites with or without electricity and there are several types of vacation homes (Stugor) on our property. There is a restaurant on site and in the village Hedesunda (about 5 km ) there is a supermarket and a pizzeria. You can come to us for a complete week of fishing with friends or the whole family. Everything is possible…

For more information or to discuss a special package price please call us at 0046 (0)70-5443713 or send an E-mail. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities!